Meet The Teachers


Hello, my name is Ms.Donna Guinn, and I am the Owner/Infant Teacher. Working with children is a passion and it takes dedication and lots of patience. It is my job to explore with infants and help them to understand their busy environment/world through enriched activities involving different cultures of child friendly music, art, reading books, baby yoga, dramatic play, laptime play, and floor time play. I enjoy communicating with each parent to ensure their child is recieving the best care and is developing as expected.

I have a CDA; which is recoginized nationally and CD in Childcare. My future goal is getting my Associates Degree in Child Development, and taking The Childcare as a Business coarse.





Hello, my name is Ms. Myrea Pendleton and I am the Toddlers Teacher. A few of my hobbies are reading, painting, and I enjoy almost all outdoor activities. As a mother, I understand there's no greater joy than the love of a child. I enjoy nurturing and enriching every child in my classroom. With a combination of love, guidance, understanding, faith, and the knowledge of each child will be cared for and taught skills I believe will help them to become outstanding students as they further their education.







 Hello, my name is Mrs. Denetra Barnes and I am the Pre-K Teacher. I look forward to a wonderful and successful school year at Children's Learning Center, bringing new, interesting, creative, and fun learning experiences for my students. I have a passion for teaching and learning new things as well and I hope to touch the hearts and minds of each child so they will be prepared for a successful and bright FUTURE!

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